Disclosure of Health Care Charges and Pricing Transparency at Mason Health

A January 2021 federal law requires all hospitals to provide a payer-specific comparison of hospital pricing. It is important to note that this pricing estimation is dependent on your insurance and your specific benefit plan. For some of our patients, this may not be the actual amount you are asked to pay. This regulation is in addition to the federal 2019 law that required us to post our full charge amount.

For patients covered by a government or private insurance plan, your out-of-pocket cost is determined by that payor. All payors receive a discount off of the posted, full charge amount. The lower charge is called the “allowed amount.” Your out-of-pocket cost is then based on your insurance benefits. It may include a deductible amount, co-insurance or co-payment; or your insurance might pay all of the allowed amount for a service. You may access an automated pricing tool at the link here. We are also available to answer any questions about your estimated cost for a service at hospitalbillingquestions@masongeneral.com.

Financial assistance is available to all patients (with or without insurance) who qualify at Mason Health. This qualification is based on your total income. Please follow the link here for our financial assistance policy and application information

To view or download a copy of our entire list of full charges, or to access our pricing tool, please follow the link here. For any questions related to charges for services, please contact Tina Conklin at tconklin@masongeneral.com.