Release Date: Jun 19, 2024

SHELTON, WA – For patients looking for a low-cost, minimally invasive method of birth control and who do not want to travel out-of-county for services, Mason Health is now offering vasectomy procedures at Mason Clinic through Primary Care provider Heung “Henry” In, DO.

Dr. In is a highly skilled provider trained in no-scalpel, no-needle vasectomies, having recently completed a three-day “refresher” training in April 2024 under Douglas Stein, MD. Dr. Stein is a well-known provider in Florida whose clinic has performed more than 50,000 vasectomy procedures.

The procedure can take less than 30 minutes and has a recovery period of three to five days. The procedure takes place in the clinic environment.

“I want more patients to know that they do not have to drive to Olympia or Seattle and encounter long wait times at other facilities to have this procedure done,” said Dr. In, who first practiced vasectomy procedures in residency at Eastern Virginia Medical School. “I am passionate about offering this type of service in support of our patient and community members’ reproductive health and wellness. I want to keep my skills up and help patients looking for this method of birth control.”

Dr. In is the only provider at Mason Clinic performing vasectomies, and he is able to schedule consultation and procedure appointments right away for patients who are eligible and are seeking this type of service.

Dr. In is also interested in educating our patients about vasectomy procedures, dispelling myths. This minimally invasive procedure, which has been in existence since the 1980s, is an effective method of preventing unwanted pregnancy, proving to be more effective (99.9 percent) than oral contraception with perfect use (99.7 percent) and for tubal ligation for women (99.5 percent), according to the World Health Organization.

Following a vasectomy procedure, there are very few side effects and men experience no change in sexual drive, no heightened risk of testicular cancer and no change in organ size or erections.

Insurance typically covers vasectomy procedures. Vasectomies may be reversed at additional cost. Mason Clinic will not offer vasectomy reversal procedures at this time.

Patients will be scheduled for a follow-up appointment 12 weeks after vasectomy procedure to check sperm count and motility.

“Men do not have to be afraid of a vasectomy procedure,” Dr. In said. “There are very minimal risks and many patients are surprised to find how quick and painless the procedure really is.”

To schedule an appointment with Dr. In, please call Mason Clinic at 360-426-2653.

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